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                            USA - TOUR+Louisville

                                                                Louisville: Wed.13 - Tue.19 February 2019

                                                                Louisville + excursions: Sat.9 - Thurs.21 Feb. 2019


In 2019 we’ll travel again to the legendary tractor pulling contests in Louisville. Last year Louisville celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. Reason enough to pay a visit to the Top-3 winning teams of last year. We’ll visit the Super Stock Alcohol Tractors, Armed & Dangerous (Terry and Josh Blackbourn took the first and the second position!), the Twisted Deere Team (3th place at the Super Farm Tractor Finals), the Modified Tractor of Lucas Oil Racing team (2nd place), the sensational Tinker Toy winner of the Pro Stock pulling games and the Legacy, where Team Schramek took the second place in the Super Stock division. For people who want to see a bit more of Amerika, we offer a beautiful USA tour, with visits to the Caterpillar factory, the biggest truck-stop in the world and we drive about 500 km’s along the famous Route 66.




Day 1˜ Saturday 9 Feb:

Flight to Chicago, USA.

Day 2˜ Sunday 10 Feb:

during this USA Tour we travel along the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri. Sometimes along the highway, but today we merely take the local roads. In the afternoon we visit the Armed & Dangerous Team. With 2 tractors, this team succeeded in reaching the first and the second place in Louisville. Last year they did build a complete new workplace where they can produce every thinkable part under the hood, in order to achieve only the best possible results!


imageDay 3˜ Monday 11 Feb:image

we pay a visit to the Twisted Deere Super Farm Team and drive through the curving landscape until we’ll be crossing the Mississippi River. Already in the old days, this impressive river plaid an important role in  the transportation from one state to another. We visit a CASE dealer and continue our tour to the world’s biggest truck-stop. Today we’ll also take a look in a typical American Farm Shop. Of course we don’t miss the opportunity to take a bite in one of the most typical American Restaurants of the USA …




imageDay 4˜ Tuesday 12 Feb:

Today we visit CAT. First we pay a visit to the foundry of CAT and the drive engine factory. CAT produces amongst other things the CAT D 11 R bulldozer, with a weight of 100 ton. These bulldozers are equipped with a 32 liter CAT V8 motor and two turbo engines. The power of 780 hp is actually quite moderate. We visit the CAT shop as well. In the evening we’ll go out in the city of Indianapolis, where we feel at home after all the years we’ve been here. In down-town Indianapolis we know the right places, bars etc.



image image

Day 5 ˜ Wednesday 13 Feb:image

In the morning we’ll visit the city of Indianapolis. In the afternoon we’ll be heading for Louisville where the first Tractor Pulling Games will be held in the evening. In the Broadbent arena, all the tractors that are racing against each-other in the evening, are exposed every day. Here we see the most exquisite tractors of the world. Today the other Louisville Group arrives at the Louisville Airport (short travel version).

Day 6 - Thursday 14 Feb :

today it’s Pulling Time! In the evening the world’s second racing session will take place. In the day we’ll visit the famous Farm Machinery Show. After the pulling  games everybody is free to enjoy the nightlife in Louisville. image

image Day 7 ˜ Friday 15 Feb:

Today we visit the ACE Chassis factory, worldwide the most famous chassis builder. What a high-tech production plant! And what a workmanship! In the evening we visit the Tractor Pulling Games and take a close look at the Super Stock Open, Super Farm and Two Wheel Drive trucks.

Day 8 ˜ Saturday 16 Feb:

This is the day of the grand finals! But before that, we’ll witness the last preliminary games. In the evening we enjoy the finals of the Super Stock Diesels, Super Stock Alcohol, Two Wheel Drives, Free Class Super Farm Tractors and the Pro Stocks. The quality of the Pulling Arena meets such high standards, that every team is able to show image everything their capable of. The Louisville Pulling Games are really a ‘once in your lifetime’ experience! You must have been here, at least once in your life.

Day 9 ˜ Sunday 18 Feb:

Today we start slowly with an American Breakfast. In the afternoon we’ll pay a visit to the Lucas Oil Racing TV team of Lisa Tatum with her 2WD Truck. Today the short-stay Louisville Group leaves at the airport of Louisville. On Monday 19 February is Tinker Toy our travel destination and we drive along in the direction of St. Louis where we’ll take a close look at the big Arch.

Day 10 ˜Tuesday 20 Feb:image

We visit the Super Stock Team of the Schramek family, with their Super Stock tractor ‘Legacy’ in Williamsburg Missouri. We enjoy  their hospitality and more than friendly welcome. After that it is time to drive in the direction of Chicago. We drive about 310 miles along the most famous highway of America: the Route 66. Along the way we pass the most interesting places, where we enjoy the Budwiser and other American beers.

Day 12/13 ˜ Wednesday 21 Feb/ Thursday 22 Feb:The Route 66 brings us eventually to the airport to bring us home to Europe. The end of a really unforgettable USA Tour! image

During this tour we do not skip the nightlife. There are several occasions to hit the town or visit a local bar.

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 Travel amount: Louisville + tour € 2.680,= ( 13 days ) 

 Travel amount: Louisville (short tour) € 1.980,= ( 6 days ) 


  • Flight
  • Transportation USA ( 12- person Minibus)
  • Hotels based on the use of 2p-rooms and an American breakfast ( 4 times moderate, the other times with warm items)
  • Excursions
  • Tickets Tractor Pull
  • Visa
  • Experienced tour leaders and technical translations


  •  All other meals
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
Please reserve one day before and after the mentioned dates to cope with changes in the flight and travel schedules.

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